Monday, November 20, 2006

Begging The Question

Here. Tony Blair tells us that in order to fight an insurgency, in order to combat terrorism, it is important to use a whole tool box, and not just the hammer: you need police work, and you need to capture "hearts & minds"--and you do that by making life better for disenfranchised people--you give them economic opportunities, political opportunities--if you can get them to buy into the process, they lose their incentive to toss in sabots.

Now, let me be clear about this: Tony Blair knows this perfectly well, and he's known it for decades--as has anyone with a mildly deep understanding of economics, politics, or counter insurgency. The US Military knows this. The state department knows this. Hell, Donald Rumsfeld & Dick Chaney know this--it just wasn't relevant to their plans.

Now, did George Bush know this? No. Doubt he had any idea. Maybe that can be his worked for Ronald Reagan didn't it? We all love RR now...cause he gave good speeches & he meant well & he didn't know...

Of course GWB doesn't have any of those things going for him.

& here's a story about the army using this fantastic new drug that is saving all kinds of lives on the battlefield...after which many of them are being evacuated to Germany to suddenly die of heart attacks, strokes, and embolisms. This classic George Bush/current "Best Practice" for many big businesses, as they are run today--as long as the numbers look good for the quarter, who cares what happens in a year?

I do assholes, and so do the wives and kids of those soldiers you're using as guinea pigs, and who are told that their loved one is OK, only to have them to die of a heart attack a few hours age 23. I am also not real happy with the 60-70% of middle managers in corporate America (sorry, I've lost the link...feel free to provide) who said in an anonymous survey that they would do whatever was needed to improve quarterly results, even if it caused harm to their company in the long term--because they are not held accountable for the long term, and they get bonuses on the quarter. Why does big business hate America?

& lastly, and you'll hear this again, because I live in a cheap apartment: tweakers suck. What impresses me most about them are all the clever plans they come up with, all of which rely on the assumption that meth makes them both smarter & more motivated. Bunch a rocket scientists, really.

Update, 12:40: OJ's Book canceled, publisher decides giving someone 3.5 mil for getting away with cold blooded murder might set bad precedent (really, it was starting to look like it would hurt the bottom consequences...pshaw). Yes, he was framed. He was also guilty. I used to be willing to allow a certain feeling ambiguity about OJ, who was, after all, a hero to a lot of people. Now, if I saw him, I'd spit on best. & then run, of course.


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