Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Breaking News: Saddam Guilty

OK, first a disclaimer--assuming that what I am told about Saddam is correct, I will be perfectly happy if he is thrown in jail forever or hung by the neck until dead.

Having said that, let me be the first to report (a full 48 hours before it's scheduled to happen!)--Saddam Hussein will be found guilty of war crimes on Sunday, November 5th, and, I suspect, sentenced to death. He does deserve it--but is another verdict possible? Want to bet me he'll be found innocent?--what kind of odds will you give me?

This verdict would be more satisfying, however, if this were not a hopelessly compromised show trial, proving something we already know, and conveniently omitting the fact that these war crimes were committed, at least, with our willingness to look the other way (particularly when he was committing them against Iran), and with WMD we ourselves had supplied.

But I digress.

Feel better now? Ready to vote Republican?


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