Monday, November 06, 2006

Iraq: The Musical

OK, am trying hard not to think about this election. Am preparing for good news but not assuming it. & how good will it be really?

It will certainly be better if we can take back the house, and better still if democrats can take the senate too--that will allow us to start fixing things, and maybe to start throwing scumbags in jail. Do you think we could use military tribunals rather than real trials? I hear they're much quicker & more efficient & don't threaten national security as much as all those messy civilian details & evidence do.

A fella can dream can't he?

As i was saying, not sure how happy I'll be in the long run, but for now, screw that--throw the bums out.

Why am I unhappy about the long run? K Street shows every indication of buying the next congress just like the bought the last. A part of the B1 bomber is built in every one of the fifty states. United States of Halliburton, in Raytheon we trust.

&, I have two different tweaker neighbors who are pissing me the hell off & some other bullshit too, so it hasn't been a great day, but these two things both made me laugh with joy:

First, from Blog PI, not even content, just a tag, a tag I'd never seen before, that I'd never conceptualized quite this way--"Asymmetrical Media"--an excellent phrase. Causes all sorts of profitable roof brain chatter. Consider vis-a-vis classic counter-insurgency theory. Discuss.

& secondly, Mr. Sun seems to be channeling Ivan Stang. I have to steal his big list (below), it's too funny to ignore--but please, go check out his whole post so he doesn't get pissed at me--the other words in it are nearly as good as these:

Consider the questions below now so that you will be ready to post early Tuesday evening.

Who/what do you absolutely hate that really got their ass handed to them? Unload bigtime on them/it.

How does the election show that you were totally right? That others were totally wrong? Give plenty of examples.

How might you stretch "I told you so!" into many more dozens of paragraphs, including big words and citations to important-sounding things?

You have traditionally been viewed as isnignificant and powerless. Describe how this will all change now.

Those who supported losing candidates or issues will be feeling down due to good faith disagreements over complex issues. What's the best way to kick them?

Search for patterns in the election results that allow you to organize people into groups, label them, and declare them to be losers. Look beneath the surface to find hidden stereotypes.
"Loser" is a loaded word. What are some other good ones?

In what ways is it funny to you how stupid everyone else is? In what ways do you pity everyone else? Freely express your bemused detachment.

Some would call your pre-election analysis genius. Send those people an e-mail encouraging them to post that in the comments. If they do not respond, post it anonymously yourself since you know they would if they weren't busy.

The time after an election is often called the "honeymoon period" when many people vow to work together to achieve a common goal. Explore who died and made these people God.

& I'm out, on a high note.


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