Thursday, November 16, 2006

& so...?

"Bush warns N. Korea on nuclear transfers"

The problem with this is that it's an empty threat...and everybody knows it.

He has no troops to commit. There is very little in terms of goods or services they want that hasn't already been cut off. It is the most isolated country in the world already.

Yes, he can launch an airstrike, but we don't know what to hit, and I suspect such an attack would trigger a response, aimed directly at Seoul, and made up of tens of thousands of ranged & aimed rockets & conventional artillery pieces. Maybe a nuke too. Won't that be fun?

He's got nothing. It's empty bluster--cheerleading. Just the same as the last six years.

2:45, update: When I was little, my mom told me if I was ever in trouble or lost, I should find a cop, and they'd help me. The first time I had occasion to need the cops, when I was fifteen or so, they sided with the guy robbing my neighbors house rather than me...the half dozen times I've called 'em since have been less satisfying. Here, here, is some fine, fine police work.


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